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Vincent Brice Carew Baker (1888-1944)

Son of William Wing Carew Baker (1860-1930) and Catherine Anna Tanqueray (1861-)

Born 13 Nov 1888 at Milton Bryan
Married  Elsie Maude Horswill in 1912 at Singapore.
Died 29 Apr 1944 in jungle, East Malaysia


Children from marriage between Vincent Brice Carew Baker and Elsie Maude Horswill:

  1. Barbara Constance Carew Baker, born 1 Nov 1913 at Sungei Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia
  2. William Vernon Charles Carew Baker, born 10 Oct 1915 at Sungei Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia
  3. Joan Celia Carew Baker, born 17 Sep 1916 at Sungei Lembing, Pahang, Malaysia. Died 11 Feb 1997 at Perth, Western Australia
  4. James Carew Baker, born 14 Apr 1924 at Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia


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Educated at Salisbury School and Haileybury College, and Camborne School of Mines 1906-1909.

He was a Mine Manager. He was at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 1909-1912.

Sungai Lembing

In here give an account of Vincent Baker's time at Sungai Lembing, as General Manager of Pahang Consolidated Tin Mine.

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- Museum in Sungei Lembing (external link)
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When searching on the Internet, use "Sungei Lembing", "Sungai Lembing", or "Sg Lembing"

Pai Naa

This book tells the story of the survival against fantastic odds of a very brave and remarkable woman; and it gives a unique picture of the Chinese Communist guerillas who operated in Malaya during World War Two. Nona Baker went out to Malaya from her father's vicarage to keep house for her brother Vincent, general-manager of the largest tin mine in the world. Vincent Baker was the tuan besar, "great master", Nona Baker was "Missie."

In 1941 the Japanese swept down the Malay Peninsula; and the brother and sister took refuge in the jungle where, for eighteen months, they lived from hand to mouth. Exhausted, ill and near starvation, they learnt that they were to be betrayed to the enemy, and in their extremity, they turned to the Chinese Communist guerillas, who received them with great kindness.

In 1944 the Japanese staged an all-out offensive against the guerilla camps and the Bakers once again had to hide in the jungle. Vincent Baker died; Nona Baker, whose courage must have been stupendous, survived. She rejoined the guerillas and lived and worked with them until the British returned to Malaya.

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The book is summarised at (external link), with a map and some photos

See Roll of Honour: (external link)

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