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Thomas Aveling (1674-1737)

Son of Thomas Aveling (1644-1694) and Alice Hemmant (-1694)

Born 7 Jan 1674/75 at Whittlesey, Cambridge
Married  Alice Burnham on 3 Dec 1700 at St Mary's, Whittlesey, Cambridge.
Died 10 Mar 1737/38
Buried 12 Mar 1736/37 at St Marys, Whittlesey, Cambridge


Children from marriage between Thomas Aveling and Alice Burnham:

  1. Elizabeth Aveling, born 25 Apr 1703 at Whittlesey, Cambridge
  2. Thomas Aveling, born 14 Oct 1705 at Whittlesey, Cambridge. Died Bef 1718
  3. Stephen Aveling, born 28 Jan 1710/11 at Whittlesey, Cambridge. Died 29 Jan 1710/11
  4. Stephen Aveling, born 3 Aug 1712 at Whittlesey, Cambridge. Died 24 May 1774 at Whittlesey, Cambridge
  5. William Aveling, born 13 Dec 1713. Died Bef Jan 1713/14 at Whittlesey, Cambridge
  6. William Aveling, born 6 Jan 1714/15 at St Marys, Whittlesey, Cambridge. Died Abt 1775
  7. Sarah Aveling, born 5 May 1717 at Whittlesey, Cambridge. Died 8 Nov 1760 at Whittlesey, Cambridge
  8. Thomas Aveling, born 31 Dec 1718 at Whittlesey, Cambridge. Died 21 Jul 1719 at Whittlesey, Cambridge


Inherited the Low Cross house and 26 acres of field land. Inherited in 1711, 12 acres of fen in Glassmoor and 18 acres of field land from his Hemmant aunt. He was a Governor of Town Revenues in 1716.

Thomas made a Will proved 1738. This Will leaves very careful detailed provision for his wife Alice and son William, dau Elizabeth the wife of William Searle, William Searle himself, dau Sarah and his son Stephen gets the rest and is Executor.


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  2. See Aveling Family tree at (external link)

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