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Thomas Aveling (1644-1694)

Son of Ralph Aveling (1610-1668) and Elizabeth Kelfull (-1661)

Born Abt 1644
Married  Alice Hemmant on 5 May 1669 at Fletton, Huntingdon, England
Died Bef 13 Dec 1694


Children from marriage between Thomas Aveling and Alice Hemmant:

  1. Elizabeth Aveling, born about 1671, Whittlesey, Cambridge, England.
  2. Frances Aveling, born about 1672.
  3. William Aveling, born 23 February 1671/72, St Andrew,s, Whittlesey, Cambridge, died June 1672, Whittlesey, Cambridge, England
  4. Alice Aveling, born 9 October 1674, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge.
  5. Thomas Aveling, born 7 Jan 1674/75 at Whittlesey, Cambridge. Died 10 Mar 1737/38 buried 12 Mar 1736/37 at St Marys, Whittlesey, Cambridge
  6. Mary Aveling, born 20 May 1677, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge, died about 1677, Whittlesey, Cambridge, England
  7. Mary Aveling, born 25 August 1678, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge, died 27 October 1678, Whittlesey, Cambridge, England
  8. Mary Aveling, born 22 October 1679, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge.
  9. Anne Aveling, born 3 July 1681, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge.
  10. Sara Aveling, born 23 May 1683, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge, died before November 1686.
  11. Ralph Aveling, born 25 January 1684/85, St Mary's, Whittlesey, died 9 February 1737/38, Whittlesey, Cambridge, England
  12. Sarah Aveling, born 10 November 1687, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge, died 27 January 1712/13, Whittlesey, Cambridge, England
  13. William Aveling, born 18 October 1690, St Andrew's, Whittlesey, Cambridge.


He lived in a house at Low Cross (bought in 1677) and held 42 acres of farmland and 16 acres of Whittlesea field land when he died.

He married Alice Hemmant of Whittlesea.

His will was dated 23 August, 1694 and proved 12 September following.
His wife pre-deceased him.

AJ Aveling Thomas made his will in 1694 in which he mentions a daughter Elizabeth Speechley (married Robert Speechley 26th March 1693) and a daughter Frances. He also mentions a sister, Frances Hemant who must in fact have been his sister-in-law Frances Hemmant who made her will on 1st February 1710 in which she describes herself as a spinster. She also mentions her nephews and nieces, the children of Thomas. Thomas also mentions a William Hemmant.

Thomas was the 4th son of Ralph Aveling and Elizabeth Kelfull. He married Alice Hemmant at Fletton on May 5th 1669. He bought the property at Low Cross from Luke Salmon and Elizabeth his wife on March 16th 1677. His cousin William Aveling bought the ajoining property from William Burnham on April 24th 1679. both these properties can be traced down 316 years to the present owner Mr Oldfield a member of the Whittlesey Historical Society.

It was Jean Clucas who descends from Thomas who searched the Manor Rolls and found the above information about the properties in Low Cross to be correct.


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