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The Tanqueray Family

This page is still under construction - at the moment, it's just a collection of notes!

From the Tanqueray & Gordon web site[1]:
Charles Tanqueray, the son of a Bedfordshire clergyman, set up the Bloomsbury distillery in Finsbury in 1830. By 1847 Tanqueray was making inroads among the spice planters and traders of Jamaica, shown by the recovery of a tall ceramic crock discovered in a shipwreck off Kingston, Jamaica, bearing the legend Tanqueray Gin. The Tanqueray crest is worthy of note, combining the heraldic pineapple of the Huguenot Willaume family, from whom the Tanquerays are descended, with 2 battle axes. These recognise the part played by the family in the Third Crusade in Palestine, where they fought under Richard Coeur de Lion (Richard the Lion Heart) in 1191. The family name at this time was spelt Tancrery. Tanqueray has won numerous gold medals and trophies at competitions ranging from San Francisco, via Brussels to London.


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