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The Freeth Family

We can trace, with a small degree of assumption, this branch of the Freeth family back to Liverpool in the mid-1700’s. For much of the 1800's, the family was based in London, and hence we're sometimes called "The London Freeths", or because of links to the Sun Fire and Life Office, "The Sun Freeths". It is believed the family moved to London some time in the 1770's. You can read more of the early Freeths at {page to come later}

Considerable effort has been spent trying to trace the origins of this branch of Freeths earlier than the mid-1700's without success. This site is a place to present what we know, and it provides opportunities for people looking at it to provide feedback and potentially new leads.

You can click on the links in the lineage tree below:

Thomas Freeth
Charles Freeth
Mary Ann Durant
Charles Freeth
Jacob Gaby
Ann Gaby
Evelyn Freeth
John Turner
John Turner
Anna Elizabeth Turner
Robert Evelyn Freeth
John Oakes
David Oakes
Sarah Gerrard
Thomas Oakes
Charles PLANK
Elizabeth Plank
Sarah Giddings
Florence Thompson Oakes
Thomas Adams
Ann Adams


These notes have been assembled over many years, drawn from a variety of sources of information. They bring into one place a variety of information about this branch of the Freeth family - its origins through to the current time. Naturally, tracing ancestry brings in many other families, so there is information about other families. Where possible, paths have been traced to present-day generations. As far as is possible, evidence has been sought to substantiate the information presented.

Robert Freeth researched the family tree over a number of years, initially as a result of investigating the Freeth ancestry while in England in 1977. This resulted in a document “The Freeths – A Synopsis” (about 1985). In 2001 Nancy Armstrong, who has been researching the Freeth family for many years, provided document titled “The Freeth Pedigree”. This fleshed out the family tree in much more detail than is presented here, although over time more detail will be added. Further information has been added in correspondence with John Freeth, with a lot of research done by Robin Chantry.

The primary sources of information have been:

  1. Notes compiled by Helen Montgomery, about 1963, with corrections by Nancy Armstrong and Evelyn (Bill) Freeth.
  2. Nancy Armstrong’s considerable research, represented in “The Pedigree” document.
  3. Sketches of the family tree provided by Denzil Freeth, based on research done by his father Walter Kingson Freeth.
  4. Entries in the Bible given to Florence Oakes by her grandfather Thomas Adams in 1868, and now in the possession of Robert Freeth.
  5. Research done by Robert Freeth, initially while in London in 1977. This has included searches of Births and Deaths Registers, Parish registers, Marriage Indexes, Census Returns, Wills, and entries in The Times. The Family Vault at Highgate Cemetery also provided information.
  6. Information provided by John Freeth, which is largely based on information provided by Robin Chantry
  7. Various pieces of information provided by friends and newly-found relatives, and gleaned from connections made via the Internet.

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