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Samuel Baker of Monks Eleigh

Note: This linkage is not "proven". The details for Samuel Baker are consistent with the date and place of birth of his children from the 1841 and 1851 Census records. Further, the surname of his wife, Anna Maria Scott, appears as the middle name of one of their sons, and again in a grandson. Parents unknown

Married  Ann Maria Scott on 16 Jun 1795 at Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England.


Children from marriage between Samuel Baker and Ann Maria Scott:

  1. Bridget Baker, born 1796 at Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England christened 14 Apr 1796 at Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England
  2. William Baker, born 1798 at Monks Eleigh, Suffolk christened 6 Aug 1798 at Monks Eleigh, Suffolk, England
  3. Samuel Scott Baker, born 1804 christened 30 Apr 1804 at Monks Eleigh, Suffolk


This linkage is not "proven" - just probable!

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