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John Wingate Jennings (1756-1810)

Son of Arthur Jennings and Elizabeth Whitbread

Born 1 May 1756
Married  Mary Curtis Vipan
Died 28 Feb 1810


The only child from marriage between John Wingate Jennings and Mary Curtis Vipan was:

  1. Elizabeth Jennings, born Abt 1793. Died 1869


Elizabeth inherited Harlington on the death of her father in 1810, when she was only 17 years old. She lived there under the care of a duenna. Ten years later, in 1820, she married George Pearse of Bedford, her junior by two years, and they continued to live at Harlington House. Their eldest daughter, Harriott Pearse, born in 1821, married Reverend Truman Tanqueray, Rector of Tingrith.[1]

Notes on the Harlington Manor, from British History Online[2]

Another family which settled in Harlington in the 17th century, and afterwards obtained considerable property there, was the Wingates, the first of whom record is found in connexion with this parish being John Wingate. He died in 1643, leaving a messuage with dovehouse and other lands, known as Gosling End Green and Springs, to a son and heir Francis, who in 1651 complained that his Harlington property had been wrongfully sequestered for the delinquency of Lord Wentworth, lord of Harlington Manor. Edmund Wingate the mathematician, and tutor of Henrietta Maria in Paris, resided here during the Protectorate. In the Magna Britannia of 1720 two seats in this parish are ascribed to the Wingate family—one to Arthur Wingate and the other to Lady Wingate, residing at Harlington East End.

At the beginning of the 19th century the Wingate estate belonged to their representative Mr. John Wingate Jennings, but since that date the family has left the neighbourhood.

In the Gentleman's Magazine of 1815[3]:
15 July 1815. At Bedford, Mrs. Jennings, widow of the late John Wingate Jennings, esq. of Harlington, co. Bedford


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