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John Wing (1752-1812)

Son of John Wing (1723-1780) and Anne Sisson (-1800)

Born Mar 1752
Married  Katherine Elger on 30 Aug 1779 at Ingoldsby, Lincs.
Married  Jane Ansell on 19 Aug 1784 at Ingoldsby.
Died 3 Apr 1812
Buried 10 Apr 1812 at Thorney Abbey Church


Children from marriage between John Wing and Katherine Elger:
  1. John Wing, born 1781 baptised 19 Jan 1781 at Thorney Abbey
Children from marriage between John Wing and Jane Ansell:
  1. John Wing, born 15 Feb 1786 at Thorney Abbey baptised 15 May 1786. Died 17 Mar 1858 at Thornaugh, Northants buried at Thornaugh
  2. Jane Wing, born 3 Mar 1787 baptised 4 Mar 1787 at Thorney Abbey. Married 5 June 1810 Rev Daniel Twining (of the tea-merchant family), Rector of Stilton, Hunts & Therfield, Herts. Died 29 Sep 1820, and buried at Therfield.
  3. Sarah Maria Wing, born 9 Oct 1788 at Thorney Abbey. Died 1 April 1825, and buried at Thorney Abbey Church.
  4. Mary Wing, born 12 Apr 1790 at Thorney Abbey baptised 15 Apr 1790 at Thorney Abbey. Died 13 Feb 1808 at Thorney Abbey
  5. Ann Wing, born 25 Jun 1793 baptised 27 Jun 1793 at Thorney Abbey. Married Rev Harry Smith of Crundale, Kent. Died 1868.
  6. Tycho Wing, born 23 Nov 1794 baptised 13 Jan 1795 at Thorney Abbey. Died 20 Dec 1851 at Thorney Abbey, and buried there. Married 28 March 1828 Adelaide Bassevi of Brighton, daughter of George Basevi the architect and first cousin of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, and they had 8 children. He continued the family profession as a surveyor, and agent of the Duke and made a considerable name for himself, earning the nickname “King of the Fens”. Sometimes in the company of John Rennie and Thomas Telford, Tycho surveyed the Nene River outfall and surrounding marshes. The Nene River mouth is known as Tycho Wing's Channel, and the area on the east side of the river is Wingland, or Wingfield. He went to live at Thorney Abbey, near Peterborough. The third of their eight children was christened Tycho in 1831 but, dying young in 1843, was perhaps the last to hold the name.


Occupation: Agent to Duke of Bedford.

Thorney Mill is mentioned in a 1470 commission de walliis et fossatis, and the manorial appurtenances in 1787 were stated to include as many as ten mills, though some of them may have been for drainage purposes only. A windmill still stands in the village on the Peterborough Road, but is now derelict. In the 18th and 19th centuries the Wing family, descendants of Vincent Wing the astronomer, were agents to the dukes of Bedford. John Wing (1752-1812) was in 1788 the subject of scurrilous attacks in connexion with a proposed new tax on the North Level. Two companies of volunteer infantry, numbering in all 145 men, were raised between 1803 and 1805.[1]

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