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Gregory Jeremiah Freeth (1802-1857)

Son of Thomas Freeth (1758-1826) and Mary Ann Durant (1764-1839)

Born 15 Mar 1802 at Islington
Married  Maria Theresa Constance Milentz on 11 Nov 1818 at St Mary's Church, Islington.
Married  Elizabeth Saxelby on 7 Nov 1847 at Hammersmith.
Died 18 May 1857 at Gravesend


Children from marriage between Gregory Jeremiah Freeth and Maria Theresa Constance Milentz:

  1. Gregory John Freeth, born 1822 christened 1822 at St Pancras . Died 1858
  2. Frederick George Freeth, born 17 Aug 1825 at St Pancras, London, UK christened 28 Aug 1825 at St Pancras . Died 3 Oct 1852 at Clerkenwell
  3. Thomas Augustus Freeth, born Jun 1831 at St Pancras christened 12 Jun 1831 at St Pancras . Died 15 Jul 1907 at Reading, Berks
  4. Constance Freeth, born Sep 1836 at St Pancras, Middlesex, London, UK christened 2 Oct 1836 at St Pancras . Died 1883 at Watford, Herts


This branch of the family has been well researched and documented.

Gregory was a Painter & Glazier; his profession was given as House Decorator on the certificate of his second marriage to Eliza Saxelby.

Maria Theresa Constance Milentz was the daughter of a London furrier of German origin.

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