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George Pearse (1795-1880)

Son of Theed Pearse and Susannah Rebecca Dickens

Born 18 Feb 1795
Christened31 Mar 1795, St Mary's, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England
Married  Elizabeth Jennings 21 Oct 1819
Died 1880


Children from marriage between George Pearse and Elizabeth Jennings:

  1. George Wingate Pearse, born 1 Feb 1821. Died 26 Dec 1889
  2. Harriet Elizabeth Pearse, born 16 Jun 1821. Died 4 Jun 1874 buried at Tingrith
  3. Anna Letitia Pearse, born 30 Apr 1825. Died 1910 at Woburn Sands


Occupation: Solicitor of Bedford.
Resided at: 1848 Harlington, Beds.

Lived at Harlington Manor, Bedford

HARLINGTON Beds Harlington House : Wyngate - Pearse 1600?
Owned 1854 by George Pearse. J.B. Burke, Visitation, 2nd Series, I, 1854, 186.

George Pearse, was a magistrate, Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire and High Sheriff in 1822. He and Elizabeth lived in Harlington House in Harlington, Bedfordshire. Elizabeth was the Wingate heiress, being the daughter of Anna Letitia Wingate, a descendant of Francis Wingate, who imprisoned John Bunyan.[1]

The marriage is recorded in The European Magazine, and London Review[2]:
21 October 1819   George Pearse, Esq. of Bedford-street, Bedford-square, to Elizabeth, only child of the late John Wingate Jennings, Esq. of Harrington (sic), Bedfordshire

1851 Census for Harlington, Bedfordshire, at Toddington Street:
George Pearse, age 56, Land Proprieter
Elizabeth Pearse, wife, age 58
Rev George Wingate Pearse, son, age 27, Curate of Harlington
Anna Letitia Pearse,daughter, age 25
John Thirlwell, visitor
Edmund Pearse, visitor, age 16, student
and servants: a footman, a page, a cook, and housemaid.

1861 Census for Harlington, Bedfordshire, at Harlington House:
George Pearse, age 66, Land Proporieter and Deputy _
Elizabeth Pearse, wife, 68
Anna L Pearse, dau, 35
and a cook and housemaid

1871 Census for Harlington, Bedfordshire, at Toddington Road:
George Pearse, age 75, Landowner
Anna L Pearse,dau (unmarried), age 45
Lucy Pearse, Sister (unmarried), age 74
Susan Pearse, niece, age 47
and a cook and two housemaids.


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