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Vincent Wing (1587-1660)

Son of Jasper Wing

Born 1587
Married  Alice
Died 1660
Buried 20 Feb 1659/60 at N Luffenham


Children from marriage between Vincent Wing and Alice:

  1. Vincent Wing, born 9 Apr 1619 at N Luffenham. Died 29 Sep 1668 buried at N Luffenham. Vincent Wing was a reknowned Mathematician and Astrologer. Although he did not go to either university, he mastered Latin, Greek and astronomy. Wing was the author of several works; his Harmonicon Coeleste, or 'the Coelestial Harmony of th Visible World,' was published in 1651: Astronomia Britannica, his chief and most useful work, appeared in 1652. His Astronomical Almanac, which was in the press at the time of his death, contains a mass of information on astrology, astronomy, and mathematics, and his Almanacs continued to be published at intervals till 1805. Wing was a land surveyor by occupation, and he made a most minute survey of the parish in 1660. He died in 1668 and was buried at North Luffenham. Tycho Wing, the philosopher and astronomer, whose portrait is in the Hall of the Stationers' Company, was descended from Moses Wing, the younger brother of Vincent. The Rev. E. A. Irons (d. 1923), the noted antiquary, was rector here.[1]
  2. Moses Wing, born Abt 1620
  3. Soloman Wing, born 1621
  4. Samuel Wing, born 1625


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