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Tycho Wing (1696-1750)

Son of John Wing (1662-1746) and Sarah Hyfield (1666-)

Born 1696 at Pickworth
Baptised baptised 9 May 1696 at Pickworth
Married  Eleanor Peach on 18 Apr 1722 at Pickworth.
Died 16 Apr 1750 at Pickworth
Buried 19 Apr 1750 at Pickworth

Eleanor Peach was the daughter of Conyers Peach of Stoke Dry, Rutland. Eleanor died 18 Jan 1770, buried at Pickworth.


Children from marriage between Tycho Wing and Eleanor Peach:

  1. John Wing, born 1723 at Pickworth baptised 3 Nov 1723 at Pilkington. Died 1780
  2. Sarah Wing, born 1724 baptised 26 Nov 1724 at Pickworth . Married William Dexter of Hardwick, Rutland. Had a daughter Alice Dexter[1].
  3. Tycho Wing, born 1726 baptised 2 Apr 1726 at Pickworth. Died 1776. Was a reknowned Astrologer and Instrument maker. He was apprenticed to Thomas Heath, a London instrument maker on 27 May 1741 and, on becoming free of the Grocers Company, he joined Heath in partnership from 1751 until 1773. Heath had two daughters, Hypatia and Ann, and Tycho married Hypatia on 29 July 1749[2].
  4. Vincent Wing, born 1727 baptised 10 Dec 1727 at Pickworth . Buried at Great Casterton 22 July 1776. Married Mary Whitwell of Warmington, Northants. Had two children who died young.
  5. Conyers Wing, born 1734 buried 15 Mar 1734/35 at Pickworth.


Occupation: Philosopher & Astronomer.
Lived in Stamford.
Coroner of Rutland 1727-1742.
Portrait by J Vanderbank, dated 1731, in the Hall of the Stationers Company, London.

From the Society for the History of Astronomy[3]:

Tycho Wing (1696 – 1750) was an astronomer, philosopher, teacher of mathematics and music, as well as serving as coroner of Rutland (1727 – 1742). He practised as a surveyor and boarded pupils to whom he taught mathematics, surveying and navigation. He continued his father's almanac, initially under the name John Wing until 1739, though Tycho signed the prefaces; certainly by 1741 they appeared under Tycho Wing's own name. He was a friend of the antiquary Rev Dr William Stukeley. In his later years, he worked in partnership with his elder son, John Wing (1723 – 1780).

The Twickenham Museum has a good description of Tycho Wing (1726-1776) - the Astrologer and Instrument Maker - although some of the genealogical details are incorrect (misses the generation of William Wing). Also describes the Wing Dynasty. See (external link)

The simplified Wing Family tree at (external link) shows the relationships bvetween the numerous Vincent and Tycho Wings.

John and Tycho Wing are mentioned in A Biographical Dictionary of Civil Engineers in Great Britain and Ireland[4]


This is Family 7C in the VBC Baker's "Notes on Ancestry"

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